Only For Gemini Ascendant

I am starting a series which will highlight the features only related to only one rising ascendant. This time it is GEMINI.

What are the characteristics of Gemini Rising native, which planets are malefic for him and which are benefic, what occupation suits him, which colour he should choose, what should he restrain from, and other aspects will be discussed herein. The natives falling under this sign will find the information given herein interesting, informative and guiding.

The Ascendant which is also known as the 'rising sign' is the sign on the cusp of the first house of the natal chart. It is the sign that is rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of birth of a native. The Ascendant is one of the most important of four central houses of a horoscope. The other central houses (kendras) are 4th house, 7th house and 10th house.

The Ascendant or the first house of horoscope is the indicator of appearance, physique, health, reputation etc of the individual.


Generally native born under Gemini ascendant are strong and active, have long arms and legs. Hands are fleshy in particular. Eyes are shining. Black portion of eyes is dark black and white one is ultra white.


In astrology, Mercury is the planet of thought and communication. It governs the nervous system and mental processes of a native.

Gemini natives are very fond of learning. They are often gifted with a good ability to talk about a variety of subjects. They are generous, capable and liberal. They show their curiosity towards almost everything. In spite of all these qualities they appear to be restless and impatient.


Unfortunately, the nature is also anxious. They want to be surrounded with some group for their mental stimulation. They prefer activities around them and feel satisfied when find themselves busy with variety of vigorous activities.

Gemini is an airy sign which blesses its native with very active mind. Actually speaking they are stronger on mental level as compared to physical one. New ideas and plans always keep their mind busy.

Though they are very friendly but can be temperamental without any reason which in turn creates indecisiveness. Their charming personality can be more effective only when they remain calm and composed.

The symbol for Gemini is the twins; a symbol which represents duality in their nature. The have the ability to grip more than one job at a time.

They do not like schedules and pressures and fancy their full space and freedom. They believe in harmony and make constant efforts to achieve the same.


For Gemini, communication is the key for success. Thus most suitable profession which suits them could be writers, reporters, researchers, journalist, teacher, professors. etc., i.e. profession linked with communication.

Being perfect in communication, other professions which involve contact and communication such as public relations, selling and media are also advisable to them. Some good politicians and artists including actors have been noticed having Gemini Sign.


Gemini is governed by Planet Mercury. Likewise chemical MERCURY represents Gemini. Thus Gemini natives have the features of chemical mercury- such natives are quick and slippery means it is difficult to tie up them. This also represents their nature- they cannot be pinned down easily. They are clever and can outsmart most of the people around them. This is also true that Gamines generally do not like to complain.


Gemini's prefer companionship and are often not interested in sex. They desire more from a relationship i.e. warmth. Affection and warmth should be present even in temporary or short relationship. They want meaningful relations.

While thinking about love, thoughts i.e. mind is the most stimulating zone of a classic Gemini. Imaginations and talks excite them while silence turns off.


Hands are represented by Gemini and such natives may find hands as physically vulnerable areas. Respiratory illnesses including asthma as well as fingers are likely to be effected.

Gamines require space. Space keeps them healthy. They require immediate relaxation particularly when they collapse due to nervous exhaustion. Means they can work for long hours with dedication till such time they feel critically exhausted.


Other common illness like colds, bronchitis, speech problems, and other chest/lung complaints etc. may cause problems from time to time.


Even at rest, Gemini mind will be at work-inventing something new, thinking up a new idea, working over a problem, or planning a meeting to be held with a colleague.

This is the inner restlessness which keeps their mind active and engages them in researching something new. They can on occasion be irritable and rude.

Lord of Gemini Sign, i.e. Mercury makes them clever. They love action around them.


Their quick wit, behaviors, way of thinking and character can be summarized in nut shell as under:

Persons belonging to Gemini Sign may find this article interesting. These are the general and common characteristics of a Gemini native (Gemini Rising or Gemini Zodiac). Different planets in different Zodiac signs posited in the horoscope of an individual may have some special (benefic or malefic) impact apart from the features discussed in the above article.

I will also offer possible remedies for gemini ascendant natives in my further post.

Article by:-Dev Kaushik

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