Marriage Related Problem - II

In continuation of my previous article, I shall now discuss the importance of seventh house in interpreting the married life status of an individual. In order to interpret 7th house, the following issues should be taken care of:

  • Look at the 7th house. Planets placed in 7th house. If natural benefic are placed in 7th house, the result will be auspicious. If natural malefic planets are posited in 7th house, result will be inauspicious. Marriage will be delayed and problems will be experienced in finding out a suitable spouse.

  • Now look at the lord of 7th house. If the lord of 7th house is aspecting its own house, i.e. 7th house, there will be harmony in married life.

  • If natural malefic planets are aspecting 7th house, there will be delay in marriage.

  • 8th house in horoscope indicates longevity of the spouse. This should be interpreted carefully. If malefic planets are placed in 8th house, re-think before proceeding further. But if the malefic planets are posited in 8th house of both (boys and girl) the effect is cancelled and their match can be considered.

  • Jupiter, being significator (Karak) for marriage always plays important role and favours marriage during its transit in particular houses in horoscope.

  • Mars in the horoscope of girl in another important planet to consider harmony and happiness in the married life. This should also be interpreted carefully.

  • Similarly, Venus plays important role in the horoscope of boy.

  • Tenth house represents in-laws and third house brother-in-laws and sister-in laws. The position of the planets in horoscope representing these houses shows good or bad relations with in-laws.

Wish a happy married life to all my readers.

About the Author

Dev Kaushik is an expert in Vedic Astrology with over 30 Years experience in relationship problems, kundali matching, career, business, and other problems in life. His prediction comprises of deep observation of houses, nature of planets, their position and strength in a horoscope. Remedies suggested by him are traditional and time tested comprising of mantra therapy, charity, pujas, offering prayers, gem and rudraksha therapy

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Remedies To Fight Depression

Yoga is one of the best gifts which our ancient spiritual saints could give to their coming generations. Simple Yoga comprises of certain special poses and deep breathing...    read more

Role Of Mars In Astrology

Mars is considered malefic but for Cancer and Leo ascendant, this becomes Yogkaraka and bestows the native with prosperity and wealth. Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs...    read more

Who Should Wear Diamond (Hira)

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Role Of Sun In Astrology

Favorable placement of Sun in a horoscope brings fame and power to a person in all areas including the field of occupation. It has power to grant great political power. Adverse placement can make a person arrogant...    read more

Who Should Wear Pearl (Moti)

Weak Moon in a chart denotes many health problems including diseases related to sleep, depression, insanity, weak mind, indigestion, asthma, T.B., heart problems, menstrual disorders in ladies and weak eyesight etc. Wearing Pearl can help in curing these diseases...    read more

Role Of Mercury In Astrology

Mercury is dual natured planet and governs two zodiac signs namely Gemini and Virgo. Body parts that are ruled by Mercury are the arms, ear, lungs and nervous system...    read more

Who Should Wear Cat’s Eye (Lahsunia)

Ketu ring is useful to those who want to get success in gambling, horse race, astrology, law practice etc. It is equally useful for those who are involved in hypnotism and meditation...    read more

Role Of Jupitor In Astrology

In the horoscope of a woman, Jupiter is the signficator (Karak) of his husband and happy married life. If posited in favorable position, it ensures happy relations in married life...    read more

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