Author Topic: Cure Your Headache with Homeopathy  (Read 4858 times)

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Cure Your Headache with Homeopathy
« on: February 22, 2011, 01:16:47 AM »
Headaches are very common and every one irrespective of age and gender experience this common type of sickness very often. Day today stress and change of life style causes frequent headaches.  Other causes of headache may be hypertension, eye problems, fever, sinusitis etc.

Cervical pain can also cause headache. Migraine is quite painful. Pain is felt in one side of head accompanied with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, sweating chills, weakness and visual disturbances.  Tendency toward migraines often runs in families.  It has been observed that women suffer from headache three times more than men because they have to face hormonal changes during their lifetime.
Causes of headaches are unknown. Anxiety, fear, tension, hormonal imbalances, emotional stress, and exposures are some of the main causes of headache.  Symptoms include throbbing ache, dizziness, pain around eyes, heaviness in forehead and nausea.  Excess intake of alcohol, glare or light and environmental factors like dull weather, lack of sleep and strong perfume may also cause headache.  Women generally experience headache before or during menstrual periods.

Homeopathic medicines for headache:

Belladonna: Belladonna is the chief remedy of headache in homeopathy. Symptoms include: throbbing headache, worse on exposure to light and noise; face is red due to congestion, feeling as if the head will burst
Bryonia: The key word is motion. Headache is worst by any motion. Even the slightest movement will exaggerate the pain. Patient feels splitting frontal headache extending backwards and down the neck and trunk.  
Aconite: Head feels congested, throbbing of temples or eyes, violent, sudden headache, band-like; restless, anxious; thirsty. Pain is better with rest and worst with noise and movement.
Nux vomica: Mostly headache is due to gastric disorders. Headaches due to modern and sedentary living; with use of excess the alcohol and cigarettes often associated with constipation. Workaholic.
Argentum nitricum: Sensation as if the head is enormously expanded and accompanied by vertigo. Pain is better on tight bandaging. Deep manual pressure gives relief.
Gelsemium:  This is another important remedy for headache. Pain is associated with right sided headaches- right eye or the right temple. The pain is worse with movement, noise and light.
Gloninum: Throbbing headache. Mainly the pain is due to exposure to the sun,   increased urination Pain is exaggerated during sun, heat and jarring. Better in cool air and sleeping with head elevated. Worse on lying down.
Ignatia amara: Headache as if a nail is driven into the skull.  Headache is caused due to emotional imbalances and is  associated with dizziness, nausea, often associated with the exteriorization of emotions by weeping.
Pulsatilla: Pain is worst with heat. Right sided headache; the symptoms are very variable and wandering and always worse with heat. Headache extending to face and teeth.
Spigelia: Left sided headache, usually associated with weakness, fainting and palpitations. Spigelia has the same relation to the left side of the head that Silicea does to the right side. The pain settles over the left eye. The pain begins in the morning, increases till about noon and subsides at sunset.

Consumption of alcohol and coffee should be minimized and a healthy and regular lifestyle should be adopted.

Information given on this Board should be treated as the views of readers who have practically tested the results of homeopathic medicines based on their experiences. Discussions here are presented by way of exchange of views. Suggestions and prescriptions given here should not be used as a substitute for a competent homeopath or physician. Remedies suggested here are based on the symptoms.
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Re: Cure Your Headache with Homeopathy
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